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A candid shot of Shannon and her horse, symbolizing the harmony between nature, animals, and mental well-being in Edmonton.


  • No horse experience necessary. Clients are open minded, coachable, fed up with pain and suffering, unhappy relationships, and ready to take an active part in their own healing. My speciality is guiding women and men who have experienced childhood trauma and grief to heal their relationship with themselves, find their unique voice and step into their own power to create the life they desire.

    ​I guide clients to solve years of stuck emotions, feelings, unresolved grief, and in finding lost parts of self never developed in childhood. Childhood trauma of any kind interrupts specific developmental processes. I facilitate the end of destructive thoughts and behavioural patterns negatively impacting every area of life.

    ​My clients often report feeling lost, and unfulfilled in their lives. They suffer with behaviour patterns such as addictions, abusive relationships, anger, depression, anxiety, sadness, shame, guilt and unresolved grief. You may be a high achiever, perfectionist, need to control outcomes, have lots of triggers, be suffering from a lack of boundaries, and people pleasing tendencies.  Women and men who need guidance in finding their voice, learning to set boundaries, and LIVING for themselves!

    ​You are not alone. There is nothing WRONG with you. There are answers to everything, and they are found inside of yourself. What has been lost for decades or what has never had a chance to grow into existence, can be found and nurtured into the bright light of day. You can find your joy. You will be seen, heard, and held in the most sacred, softest of spaces when you sit across from me and the horses. You will find your voice, your desires, and your most authentic self.

    Is Horse Experience Necessary?


  • Trauma and grief experienced as a child are completely different than when experienced as an adult. As we grow up, there are specific developmental stages we go through crucial to the healthy development of our personal identity at a deep level.


    The medical world does a great job of monitoring a child’s height, weight, motor coordination, and health conditions. But just as important to a child’s development is their identity, values, beliefs, and individuation processes from their family of origin.


    Countless experiences, and trauma interrupt, delay and sometimes completely halt these processes altogether. The effects can be felt immediately but show up years later in adulthood with effects such as:

    • Depression

    • Anxiety

    • People pleasing

    • Anger

    • Guilt

    • Shame

    • Healthy boundary issues


    Dysfunctional relationships, and problems communicating healthy needs are often symptoms of childhood trauma.

    These patterns create an immense amount of pain and suffering and will continue until the underlying background is acknowledged and released.

    I believe childhood grief and trauma is a source of personal power within the great depth of the human soul. I’m here to help adults become firmly rooted in who they are, rooted in their authenticity without judgment onto self or others, so they may reach their highest potential living a life of love and acceptance.

    Navigating Childhood Trauma & Grief


  • Horses are majestic, divinely connected animals with heightened awareness, and intuition. They are masters of living with boundaries, intention, and in the present moment.

    Horse medicine has transcended cultures, centuries, and healing modalities. They have always had a special connection to humans. It’s my belief and also Touched By a Horse’s belief, that part of their purpose on earth has always been to support us. They evolved from carrying us into battle, pulling our wagons, tilling our land, and making possible almost every task we had for them through industrialization, to also providing healing support in our busy, anxious minds and bodies. They have a deep desire to see us connected to ourselves, our inner voice and what we truly feel.

    Horses are at home with emotion. They are uncomfortable when we are out of congruence with ourselves. They hold the deepest, profound space for clients as they work through life’s biggest hurts, challenges, and pain.

    The horses are my full and equal partner in the healing process, which also means clients receive support and healing from two coaches in our sessions. Each horse brings their own set of unique skills and magic to session work.

    If you have horses in your personal life, this work will deepen your relationship with them immensely. A greater connection to yourself will flow into a greater connection with your horse.

    The Healing Power of Horses


  • Immerse yourself in a transformative experience designed to bring about a deep release of grief and trauma.


    Our unique approach facilitates emotional catharsis, fostering self-regulation of emotions and the cultivation of healthy boundaries. You will be seen, heard, and embraced with compassionate understanding.


    Somatic work takes center stage, offering emotional and physical release, while temperament testing provides insights into your unique character. We delve into the rich narrative of your life through genograms, exploring your awareness and relationship to the world.


    Adding an unconventional touch to this healing journey, we incorporate equine therapy – healing with horses – that serves as a powerful catalyst for emotional growth and healing.

    Your Journey With Me



Shannon is a powerful coach with a genuine heart. She helps her clients dig deep into their experiences and find awareness and self compassion. She has a knack for sensing what isn’t being said and helping to bring it to the surface with safety. Anyone who is fortunate wo work with her is sure to leave the session feeling lighter and more at ease! xoxoxo


Shannon is a wonderfully kind and friendly person with a huge smile! Shannon makes people feel at ease with her authentic and genuine magic, bringing music, hope and uplifting energy to her coaching sessions. Shannon is very real and “read” a situation and know how to proceed with the right amount of directness and gentleness. Shannon rocks! Thank you, Shannon!


Shannon is in her own category of a deep and skillful guiding coach. She connects her background and sacred knowledge of spirituality and somatics into a beautiful, easily accessible process for her clients. Shannon, I felt extremely safe and you held space for all the emotions that came up in our group session.


Shannon is infused with an electric combination of energy and presence. I worked with Shannon and was brought to a profound realization in our first session. Actually within the first 15 minutes. Her supportive and magnetic presence supported me to find a greater peace in my life. She is a magic wand.


Shannon is a dynamic coach! She was patient and motivating as she walked with me discovering parts of myself in conflict. Shannon asked to keep me focused and allowed space for me to find and speak the truth within from each side. She did not inject her opinions or beliefs, yet stood with me as I uncovered my message to myself. I learned how to support myself within both sides of how I was feeling. I have a clearer vision to continue on my journey of my own truth.”


Shannon held a deep, safe, patient space for me when I needed to be heard on a cellular level. She was with me every step of the way through a painful piece of work. She was my strength when I needed to borrow some. I walked away feeling lighter, happier, stronger and deeply refreshed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Shannon!


Shannon is a fabulous coach. She had deep compassion and empathy for her clients. I felt very seen and heard by her. I’m grateful I’ve had the opportunity to work with her.


Such a comfortable approach. Shannon creates a safe space to be totally vulnerable. She has great, poignant questions delving into the dark corners of the soul with no judgment. Shannon moved with the energy of the client. She is very good with her listening skills and knowing when the client needs support or space. She has a very warm, calm and eloquent demeanor.

Ready to embark on a transformative journey for your mind and soul? 

Client Love

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