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If each one of us looked at ourselves through the lens of self awareness, and a desire for growth, the entire world would shift in an instant. The world DOES shift when one person goes through an authentic healing process. The incredible ripple effect the process has on those who come into contact with them is palpable. It is a great honour to be a human catalyst in this divine process for others and it lights up my heart with passion. I have undergone years of training in various healing practices with diverse women in different modalities, all having a massive impact on my journey in this life. I’m passionate about the healing power of horses and the strength of the human spirit to fall into darkness, persevere and overcome the greatest challenges to shine in the light of the sun once again.

Meet Your Guide

A candid shot of Shannon and her horse, symbolizing the harmony between nature, animals, and mental well-being in Edmonton.

About Me

I provide a one of a kind emotional health, mental health, and somatic healing service to people suffering. I serve clients in need of someone to sit with them in their pain, deeply hear them, hold their hand, facilitate deep release of strong emotions and move forward in their lives with success.


I’ve always been a very sensitive person. My early childhood was filled with serious bullying experiences beginning at age 5 stemming from being a chubby kid. I was very sensitive to energy and the emotional fields of others without having any awareness around it. I had spiritual experiences I didn’t understand or talk about. My dad was diagnosed with terminal brain caner when I was a child. Living with a parent losing their life slowly everyday changed me forever.


The changes were not in anyone’s awareness, including mine, but they were deep. Academics were an interest and a talent of mine early on. I have a college degree in law enforcement, a Bachelor’s degree in Education from the University of Alberta, federal correctional officer recruit training, experience in corrections, and a full 2 year intensive, specialized trauma informed training and certification as an Equine Gestaltist.

From Pain to Healing Facilitator

while also taking you to the next level in your life

cathartic release & self compassion

A rare healer is a practitioner who can guide you to

Throughout teaching junior high school, then working with highly violent offenders and my interest in psychology and spirituality, I found my way to alternative modalities of healing and discovered my absolute truth. I don’t only talk about healing and personal growth, I walk this path everyday and have met myself deeply. We can only meet others as deeply as we have met ourselves and this is my superpower. I have worked with some of the best healers on this planet and it is my absolute honour and privilege to be able to do the same for others. My vast healing experience, connection with horses, wisdom and formal education are my gifts of service.

My equine gestalt certification is intensive, one of a kind, and trauma informed. I have had the pleasure of traveling to the USA to source out this education and work with one of my mentor’s who created this unique, deep healing process with horses.

My Expertise

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