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Emotional & mental
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Shannon was able to help me release some really intense baggage in our coaching session. I can’t adequately express how much more clear and lighter I feel after our work. Immense gratitude.

I believe in the power of human potential. I am passionate about the depth of the human spirit and our innate ability to heal ourselves. Our relationship to ourselves is the catalyst for all other relationships in our lives. Everything is relationship in life. Our relationship to ourselves, money, other people, animals, the earth, love, food, career, and on and on.

About Me

The horses and i assist clients in releasing trauma and blocked emotions, while fostering self-awareness and compassion.


  • 1.5 hour session | 24/7 support for 72 hours

    1 hr 30 min

    Please inquire
  • Four 30-minute sessions/month | 24/7 support

    30 min

    Please inquire
  • 1:1 private horse sessions | weekly Zoom/phone sessions | 24/7 support

    1 hr

    Please inquire
  • 15 min | Seeking clarity on your healing journey?

    15 min


It is when we hear our inner voice loud and clear, we take our own power back and

create the life of our dreams

from a place of authenticity.


Shannon is a powerful coach with a genuine heart. She helps her clients dig deep into their experiences and find awareness and self compassion. She has a knack for sensing what isn’t being said and helping to bring it to the surface with safety. Anyone who is fortunate to work with her is sure to leave the session feeling lighter and more at ease! xoxoxo


Shannon is a wonderfully kind and friendly person with a huge smile! Shannon makes people feel at ease with her authentic and genuine magic, bringing music, hope and uplifting energy to her coaching sessions. Shannon is very real and can “read” a situation and know how to proceed with the right amount of directness and gentleness. Shannon rocks! Thank you, Shannon!


Shannon is in her own category of a deep and skillful guiding coach. She connects her background and sacred knowledge of spirituality and somatics into a beautiful, easily accessible process for her clients. Shannon, I felt extremely safe and you held space for all the emotions that came up in our group session.


Shannon is infused with an electric combination of energy and presence. I worked with Shannon and was brought to a profound realization in our first session. Actually within the first 15 minutes. Her supportive and magnetic presence supported me to find a greater peace in my life. She is a magic wand.

Are you ready to invest in your emotional and mental health?

We are powerful beyond measure. Our thoughts, emotions and energetic vibration create our reality within the experiences we have in our lives. We have an incredible number of interactions with people, incidents, accidents, relationships and responsibilities from the time we are born until our lifetime is complete.

Sit back and let your mind wander back to everything you have seen, done, experienced and felt since you can remember. What comes up? What reaction is your body having to these memories?


Somatics is the connection between the mind and the body and the practice of being aware of  internal processes communicating what is going on within us. Our body tells the story before the mind is ready to. Does your heart start to race when a stranger walks towards you with intent on their face? Do you get a sudden stomach ache when a co-worker starts talking loudly and aggressively during a meeting? Does a headache come on when you start thinking about the state of your relationships with a child, a friend, or a spouse? Our body tells a story about our emotional and mental health.

How is it possible to expect anyone to navigate all of life’s experiences over the decades on our own? The truth is it is not possible. Just like in nutrition and fitness of the physical body, emotional and mental health requires professionals to guide us to our highest functioning selves. I believe mental and emotional health comes first before the health of the physical body.

Unresolved emotions and experiences from difficult parts of life take root in the cells of our body. These manifest as emotional problems, and behavioural issues and if not dealt with, can proceed into further mental and physical health disease.

The Story Our Bodies Tell

Client Love

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